Cultivars matter

Klapperbos juice is the superior juice. Our juice is made exclusively from the Acco cultivar, which gives the best balance between sweetness and the tart tang for which pomegranates are famous.


Pomegranates are like red wine. Not all wines are the same. A merlot . shiraz or cabernet  have very different flavours. The same is true for pomegranate cultivars. Most juices are a mixture of different cultivars. Ours is exclusively from the superior Acco cultivar.

Fresh Pomegranate

Fresh Pomegranate Fruit

Available in season February-May.   

We grow our fruit in a far far Klein Karoo village called Vanwyksdorp. at the foot of the Rooiberg mountains we are blessed with the freshest air and the purest water. and our red soil which eroded from the Rooiberg over millions of years is specially mineral rich. This combination plus allot of love is what gives Klapperbos Pomegranate it's unique flavor.   

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Pomegranate Juice

100% Pure Cold-pressed Pomegranate Juice

Nothing Added. Preservative Free. Unfiltered - natural fiber retained. Raw & Frozen for maximum freshness.


Because we grow and process on the farm we are able to carefully pick only fully ripe fruit, Pomegranates does not continue to ripen off the tree so to get the maximum flavor and natural sweetness we use different testing methods like color and echo and crown status to determine what we are picking today for juicing.


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Pom reduction pouring 2.1.jpg
Pomegranate Reduction

100% Pure Real Pomegranate Reduction

Because it's made from Klapperbos 100% Pure Cold-pressed Pomegranate Juice

Nothing else added.

Our reduction is made by slowly evaporating the liquid from the juice. The juice is never boiled and is unpasteurized. and contains no preservatives or additives of any kind. This is why we proudly call it Real Pomegranate Reduction, made the traditional way.  Just like honey, its own natural sugars provide all the preservation that is needed while keeping the polyphenols,  antioxidants , vitamins natural goodness and flavor concentrated in each bottle.  

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Dried Pomegranate seeds

Dried pomegranate seeds

Sulfur free . Nothing added 

Just like the reduction the secret to keeping the natural color and flavor and nutrients is precise drying. 

Our specially imported drying machine allows us to control the speed of evaporation and humidity and temperature levels. this produces a superior quality drying without the need to use any preservatives or enhancers.

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